Cheap Camping Tents

Finding Cheap Camping Tents

If you are planning on doing a little camping this summer but don’t want to spend hundreds on a high quality tent then you will have no problem finding a wide range of cheap camping tents.

Maybe you don’t plan on camping to much, have never been camping and not sure if you will like it or just plan on doing some light weather camping, all of these are good reasons to not want to spend to much on a tent.

Where to Find Cheap Camping Tents

Walmart Tents Ozark Trail.png

Luckily there are many retailers like Walmart and K-mart that sell cheap camping tents. K-mart’s in-house brand of camping gear is known as Northwest Territory and Walmart’s in-house brand is known as Ozark Trail.

Both of these brands are comparable in both quality and price. What is the quality and how much can you pick up a tent for from either of these big box stores? Although not the highest quality tents they are pretty damn inexpensive.

The truth is neither brand of tents are that great, they are known for breaking tent poles easily, leaking a bit and not standing up to to strong of winds. Of course more well known brands such as Coleman have been known to experience the same problems.

How Much are Cheap Camping Tents

Yes they may not be the best camping tents but like I said, they are inexpensive. In fact you can typically pick up a 2 person dome tent from either Ozark Trail or Northwest Territory for as little as $35-40. That’s not to bad considering a higher quality tent such as a Wenzel would run you over $100 for the same size tent.

Why Choose a Cheap Camping Tent

So why would you want to pick up a camping tent from Walmart or Kmart? As I mentioned, these type of camping tents are perfect if maybe you only plan on camping 2-3 times this summer. Chances are that it will make it through with no problems however next year you may have to invest in a new tent.

Maybe you have never been on a camping trip and are just not sure how much you are going to like it and don’t want to waste a bunch of money on something you won’t use. For the price you can always get a cheap camping tent and later upgrade if you decide you want to do more camping.


Both of these are great reasons to look into buying a cheap tent. One thing to keep in mind is that although both Ozark Trail and Northwest Territory are not the highest quality, this does not mean that they are going to break after 2-3 camping trips. It is not uncommon for them to last for years without any problems whatsoever, it just seems that these two brands of tents tend to manufacture more lemons than more expensive brands do.

As always, before making any type of purchase or choosing any particular model of camping tent, do your research and see what consumers have to say.


Author: Tim M.

Author, blogger and DIY guy who loves working on projects around the home and staying healthy.

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